Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are doctors regulated by the Health Professions Act and recognized as primary health care practitioners with a duty to assess, diagnose and treat a myriad of musculoskeletal conditions. We like to refer to chiropractors as doctors who focus on nerve, muscle and joint issues, and the inter-relationship between those tissues.  The chiropractors at Elite Sport Performance all have additional training.   Drs. Macdonald and Karmali both hold post-doctoral sport sciences fellowships with the Royal College, while Dr. Okrainetz is a resident of the same program.  Dr. Laura McDonnell is also a Registered Nurse who works in Public Health for Alberta Health Services.  All ascribe to a best-evidence approach to patient care and to our clinical brand promises of Results, Clarity and Collaboration.

Chiropractors may employ any one of a myriad of different options when treating patients. These may include but are not limited to:


The Graston Technique is one of a number of similar techniques that altogether can be placed in a category called instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). IASTM is a form of manual therapy involving rigid instruments of various shapes and materials to locate and treat soft tissue disorders.

IASTM is a non-invasive therapeutic technique which is usually applied by stroking the beveled edge of an instrument on the surface of the skin, often aided by a lubricant, with the intent of influencing the underlying connective tissues, muscles and nerves.  While the therapeutic mechanism of IASTM continues to be explored, there is some evidence that the technique may aid in the breakdown and absorption of scar tissue, mobilization of fascia, and improved tissue healing.


The Active Release Technique (ART) is a form of soft tissue therapy that utilizes over 500 treatment protocols to assess and treat a variety of fascial, muscular, tendinous, ligamentous, and nerve-related disorders. With physiological underpinnings tied to the acute and chronic effects of overuse injuries resulting in pain and reduced range of motion, ART aims to restore soft tissue pliability so that muscles, joints, and nerves can move freely again.