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About the Knee Clinic

About the Knee Clinic

In Alberta, up to 100,000 people injure their knees each year. For many, this experience is painful and debilitating.

An injured knee should have professional care, ideally within 72 hours, but getting this care can be challenging. Public forms of knee care may take months to access. Moreover, despite the common nature of knee injury, family doctors receive relatively little training on the musculo-skeletal system.

The Knee Clinic, Alberta’s only private knee clinic, was created to address this gap in knee expertise and make qualified, specialized care available within days.

What Our Patients Say

I can’t say enough about this office! Doc Dale, oh my god, a life saver really.  I am running again. YAY!  Took me a while to get myself here.  I will run the police half marathon for the first time.  Been waiting to run this half since last year but couldn’t due to knee pain.  Have been to two other chiropractors and been told many things like stop running


Thank you Dr. Dale.  I avoided knee surgery with your help, the knee brace, PRP injections and the help of your physiotherapist. I had a shredded meniscus and had to learn to walk again after poor advise from other professionals. I am fully recovered and able to engage in light impact workouts again! Fit, healthy and happy!


I have been coming to this clinic now for almost a year and I can say that I am 90% better with my knee pain! I thank God that I have found you! Thank you to Dr. Schimke and Dr. Macdonald for the professional help and advice you have given me throughout the year!  If it wasn’t for you, I would have already had surgery on my knees. God bless you.


I travel all the way from Northern Manitoba to receive treatment here.


We’re Alberta’s only private knee clinic, providing knee expertise and qualified care within days.

As a fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences, Dr. Dale Macdonald is one of only four manual sport specialists in Alberta. Our private, fee-for-service facility reaches the 48—72-hour standard of care for initial assessment of your knee injury over 95% of the time, and our wait times are never over 2 weeks. In collaboration with our highly trained staff, we offer a full spectrum of services including knee pain treatment for patients with an injured knee.

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Our clinic offers the unique skill sets of different professional disciplines: chiropractic, sports medicine, physiotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage therapy and more.